Prelude to Faces of N.

Ornamental Silk Scarf: Castanets, Surdo, Maracas
Beige Pleated Chiffon Dress: Snare, Brushes
Black Felt Fedora: Cymbal
Foxtail: Percussion
Oversize Sequined Skull Sweatshirt: Clap, Kick Drum, Granular Bass Synthesizer
White Ruffled Victorian Blouse: Snare
Black Acrylic Skull and Crystal Chain Necklace: Granular Lead Synthesizer
Red Jersey Triangle Bra: Snaps
Hoop Charm Earring: Granular Lead Synthesizer Arpeggios

Directed, composed and choreographed by Gabriel Shalom
Featuring the performance and wardrobe of Nicole Roscher
Colors corrected by Carlos Vasquez
Titles by Patrizia Kommerell
Hypertext designed and built by Cameron Askin